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SINCE 9/11

My grandchildren will never know the freedom from fear my children and I have known. Everything has changed since 9/11. Threat levels, assassinations, wounded and dying soldiers, and suicide bombers permeate everyday life. This body of work conceived September 11, 2001 is my reaction to these troubled times. It is ongoing.


Family photographs and a letter with a censorship stamp. Sent from Europe to my grandparents from my grandfather's brother, World War 1.

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(item #605)


World Trade Towers on fire along with our hearts. Ground Zero. Freehand.

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(item #606)


Suffering families, bombed homes, mourners. Man and woman drawn freehand with news photos, set in patriotic colors.

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(item #607)


Created while events unfolded September 11. We were about to celebrate wedding anniversary with friends. Seemed inappropriate to go on with plans, but we needed to support each other at this horrific time. I printed several dozen copies to give to each friend to express my love for this country and them.

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(item #608)

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