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SINCE 9/11

My grandchildren will never know the freedom from fear my children and I have known. Everything has changed since 9/11. Threat levels, assassinations, wounded and dying soldiers, and suicide bombers permeate everyday life. This body of work conceived September 11, 2001 is my reaction to these troubled times. It is ongoing.


Combined news photos of joyous flag waving and zealous burning of it. Pledge of Allegiance to 'one flag...' American flag engenders so much patriotism and so much vitriol and hatred.

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(item #613)


Freehand 'painting' of American women with photographs of Iraqi women as well as photographs of soldiers in the background. Logo of Gold Star Mothers, mothers who have lost soldier sons, from photograph.

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(item #614)


Variations on the theme of 9/11. Freehand.

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(item #615)


Further exploration of the bombed out Trade Center towers. Freehand.

(item #616)


Photo of my sons aboard the battleship Massachusetts, pretend sailers, combined with George W. Bush landing on the aircraft carrier and the dolls that have been produced to commemorate this event. President Bush pretends to be an elite force aviator. He also pretends the war is over.

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(item #617)

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